Melvale Money Transfer
Telephone: 07770 840 053
About Us
Melvale has been operating for the past 10 years. We pride ourselves in the excellent service, provided to our customers both here in the united kingdom and abroad. Many clients rely on us to send and receive money daily to businesses, families and friends.

Providing a wide range of foreign currency exchange and related services for both private and corporate clients. Melvale has established itself as a successful and respected currency exchange company. The Melvale Head Office has been based at 195 Trafalgar Road, Greenwich London, since 1998.

The company is committed to excellence. We aim to provide our clients with outstanding personalised service and value for their money, from the smallest cash transaction to large corporate transfers.

Our services

  • Money transfer
  • Inspection report
  • Buying Naira & Payment in pounds
  • Opening of Bank Accounts in Nigeria
  • Setup Direct Debit Into Family and Friends account from the UK to Nigeria
  • Payments of goods